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"The Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Jananetri, Deshratna Sheikh Hasina, aims to unite the country with the 4th industrial revolution through the Smart Bangladesh development, focusing on skilled and innovative smart human resources. With the objective of harnessing this workforce in information technology for appropriate innovation, the 'Founder's Community Club Ltd.' was formed.

The Founder's Club is like a pure entertainment club, similar to clubs in Uttara, Banani, or Dhaka. It is not a business association, trade body, or policy-making organization. Initially, it will consist of innovators from the world of technology who have embarked on various entrepreneurial ventures in information technology, e-commerce, ITES, call centers, Fintech, and have contributed to solving various social and national problems with new ideas. They will be members of this club. Such startup entrepreneurs often face significant mental stress and isolation due to spending most of their time outside the mainstream. To address this, the 'Founder's Community Club Ltd.' is established with a focus on their social, physical, mental, and psychological health and well-being.

The goals and objectives of the Founder's Community Club Ltd. are:

  1. To contribute to the formation of Smart Bangladesh as proclaimed by Prime Minister Jananetri, Deshratna Sheikh Hasina, by bringing together startups and smart entrepreneurs in the IT sector through this club.
  2. To prepare the nation for the 4th industrial revolution by providing technical training to youth and young people.
  3. To promote interconnection and relationship development among members through the club, assisting each other's business growth.
  4. To facilitate mutual assistance in terms of business development and investment, further contributing to job creation and economic diversification.
  5. To improve the physical, mental, and psychological health and well-being of entrepreneurs through innovative and tech-savvy programs and initiatives and environmental design.
  6. To work on education and healthcare for the less fortunate in society.
  7. To establish a comprehensive club with its own premises that provides all kinds of facilities for social, physical, mental, and psychological health and well-being, along with an office.

This club has four types of memberships: 1) Founding Member, 2) Life Time Member, 3) Regular Member, 4) Associate Member, 5) Honorary Member.

  1. Founding Membership Fee: One-time payment of 1 lakh taka with no additional fees for life. However, the number of founding members will be limited to a maximum of 71. Only entrepreneurs, business owners, business founders, or co-founders can become founding members. They will have voting rights, and two-thirds of the founding members must agree to include someone as a founding member.
  2. Life Time Member: The membership fee is 1 lakh taka. Life time members will not need to pay any additional fees after paying the one-time membership fee. Entrepreneurs, business owners, business founders, or co-founders can become life time members.
  3. Regular Member (General Member): One-time fee of 50,000 taka, with an annual fee of 5,000 taka. Regular members can join the club at any time. Entrepreneurs, business owners, business founders, or co-founders can become regular members.
  4. Associate Member:
  5. Outside of these categories, honorary members are also allowed. If the club believes there is someone who can contribute significantly to the club, they can be included as honorary members.

The club will soon acquire a space and start its activities. It will provide facilities for various recreational activities, coffee shops, and other amenities. Additionally, the club will have facilities like gyms, restaurants, party spaces, and bars, similar to other clubs. In the future, we will apply for a bar license. Since many members may want to drink under the guidance of doctors occasionally, or there may be some business deals where foreign guests need to be entertained. All these facilities will serve the members' refreshment and further encourage them in their innovative work.

The different types of facilities and discounts available to members will depend on their membership category. Founding and life time members will enjoy the maximum benefits of the club. They will have exclusive access to various facilities and services, including sports, gym, party spaces, and different business meetings. Regular members may also get some discounts and privileges, but there will be certain products or services reserved exclusively for founding and life time members. However, if the founders and life time members believe it is appropriate, regular members may also enjoy those privileges.

In addition to these, there will be many gatherings where only the opinions of executive members will be considered, and regular or life time members may not have the opportunity to participate unless invited."

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