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This Agreement is a contract between you and Fcclubltd), a Bangladeshi company, that governs your use of Fcclubltd Services. You must agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement including the Privacy Policy and other policies of Soft Tech Innovation Limited (Fcclubltd). You should read all of these terms carefully before accepting the agreement.


Your account may be suspended, closed or your access to Fcclubltd services and/or funds may be limited if you breach this agreement or any other policies you agree with Fcclubltd. It is your sole responsibility to understand and comply with any and all rules, regulation and laws of the jurisdictions applicable to you in connection with your use of Fcclubltd Services. You are committed to follow the Rules and Regulations of the Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank and other related Regulators when using services provided by Fcclubltd. You will be accountable for any unlawful use of your Fcclubltd Account.

1. Services and Eligibility

1.1. Fcclubltd Services:

The Founder’s Community Club Ltd. is one of the largest entrepreneur networks. We enable startups in their growth journey.

1.2. Age Eligibility:

Individuals aged 18 years or older will be eligible for using Fcclubltd services. Fcclubltd maintains a strict non-discrimination policy for use of Fcclubltd services. Any individual aged 18 years or older will be eligible for using Fcclubltd irrespective of cast, creed, faith, gender, nationality or any other individual identity.

1.3. Identification:

You must provide correct and updated information to Fcclubltd for opening and maintaining your account. You need to upload a copy of your valid National ID/passport, Tax Identification Number (TIN) and other related documents based on the business nature at the time of opening your Fcclubltd Account.

A. Your contact information
You should keep your mobile number and primary/registered email address updated at your own responsibility for receiving electronic communications from Fcclubltd. Fcclubltd will consider to have provided any information to you effectively when we send email to your primary/registered email address given in your Fcclubltd profile. You must ensure that the registered mobile number and/ or email address is not outdated, incorrect or blocked by your service provider. If your registered mobile number and/ or email become invalid and communications are returned to Fcclubltd, then we may consider your account as inactive and block any transaction as long as we are not provided with a valid mobile number and/ or email address.

B. Identity Verification
Fcclubltd may validate your identity and may take the assistance of third parties to make inquiries about the information you provide to Fcclubltd. For the process of verifying information, you may need to provide further information or documentation, including but not limited to TIN/NID, or follow directed procedures to confirm ownership of your email address, bank account, etc. This information may be requested through third party if required.

Any objection on your part to provide further information or documentation as requested by Fcclubltd shall constitute ineligibility for using Fcclubltd services.

1.4. Ownership:
You must be the owner of the Account, and conduct business on behalf of yourself only. Letting any other individual have access to your account shall render your account ineligible and the account shall be subjected to further penal procedures as per policy of Fcclubltd.

2. Financial Transaction

2.1. Transaction Limits:
We may, at our discretion, impose limits on your account. We may increase your transaction limits in tiers according to the extent your account is verified and the activity of your Fcclubltd services.

2.2. Fees:
When you use Fcclubltd financial services, applicable fees will be charged from your account as and when applicable. You must have enough balance in your account for processing the transaction along with applicable fees and charges. Applicable fees may be revised and increased as and when required.

2.3. Fraud Policy:
Fcclubltd can detect suspected fraud transaction within 5-7 seconds after made the transaction. Merchant will be notified in real time to ask his/her customer to provide additional documents for verification process. If cardholder is unable to provide sufficient documents, then Fcclubltd reverse the payment to cardholder / the respective payment method of user.

3. Transaction Payment Balances

The transaction amount balance of yours in your Fcclubltd account is maintained in Trust cum Settlement Account with the highest level of integrity. We keep your amount balance in a pooled account along with other Fcclubltd merchants’ balance; this balance will not be used for corporate or any operational expenses. You agree to maintain balance in your Fcclubltd account without any interest. Fcclubltd may receive interest on amounts that Fcclubltd holds on your behalf. You agree to assign your rights to Fcclubltd for any interest derived from your funds.
Your balance in the pooled account shall remain indemnified from any irregular transaction carried out by any other Fcclubltd account holder.

4. Account Closure

4.1. Account Closing Steps:
You may close your Account at any time by following the instructions in your Fcclubltd Merchant panel. You must withdraw your amount balance prior to closing your Account. Any offer associated with your account will no longer be available for you.

4.2. imitations on Closing Your Account:
If you close your Account while we are conducting an investigation, we may hold your funds to protect Fcclubltd, Affiliates or a third party against the risk of fees, fines, penalties and other liability. You will remain liable for all obligations related to your Account even after the Account is closed.

5. Unauthorized Transaction or Errors

5.1. Safeguard for Unauthorized Transaction or Errors:
In order to protect your account from unauthorized transactions, Fcclubltd will reimburse the amount equivalent to unauthorized transaction or error that is eligible for the safeguard according to the procedure described below.
Transactions are considered unauthorized when Fcclubltd services are used to transfer money from your account without your authorization. If you give your login information to any other person and they carry out transactions from your account without your permission, these transactions will not be safeguarded by Fcclubltd.

5.2. Eligibility for Safeguard:
A. To be eligible for the safeguard you must notify us within 5 working days after, or within a reasonable time of your notice of, any unauthorized transaction occurs in your activity feed or transaction history. You should access your account regularly and review account activity for ensuring that unauthorized transactions are not being carried out from your account.

B. ify Fcclubltd immediately if you find that –
Your Fcclubltd Merchant password has been revealed to anyone else, or Your account has been accessed by anyone unauthorized person, or there had been any unauthorized transaction or error in your account activity or transaction history, or any other suspicious activity or transaction in your account.

C. Send your notification with your name, phone number, email address, amount of the unauthorized transaction or error and explanation of why you identified the transaction as unauthorized. You can notify us by:

Writing to Fcclubltd

Paradise Tower, Plot 11, Road 2, Sector 3 (level – 9), Uttara, Dhaka – 1230, Bangladesh. Sending email to info@fcclubltd.com or calling to +880 1712-302939 (10 AM – 7 PM)

If you send us the notification by calling to the mobile number, we may ask for written complaint, question or additional information required for processing

5.3. Fcclubltd Errors:
In case we detect any error in Fcclubltd transaction, we will rectify it as soon as possible. Similarly, if an excess fund is transferred to your account, the excess fund will be removed from your Fcclubltd account. In all the cases described above, you shall be notified before any rectification is carried out in any of your transactions.

5.4. Your Errors:
If you provide incorrect information of your bank details or any other information of yours due to typing mistake, haste or any other reason, Fcclubltd will not protect you with the safeguard for unauthorized transaction or error. You will be solely responsible for your error and will have to settle with that person without requesting any involvement of Fcclubltd.

5.5. Fcclubltd actions against your notification:
We will investigate the reported unauthorized transaction or error to determine its eligibility for safeguard. We will conduct an investigation and determine the eligibility of safeguard; Fcclubltd’s decision about the eligibility will be considered final.
We will conduct our investigation as soon as possible from the date of receiving the notification or if we detect any suspicious activity from your account. We will send you an email with the decision of our investigation and will reimburse you for the error or unauthorized transaction.

6. Acceptable Use Policy

You will not abuse the payment platform of Fcclubltd by conducting any of the prohibited activities, unlawful activities or transactions before taking the permission of Fcclubltd.

6.1. Prohibited Activities:

A. General Prohibitions:

You agree to avoid the following activities while using Fcclubltd.

Breaching this agreement, privacy policy or any other agreement you have entered into with us, Violating any law or regulation, Violating copyright, trademark, patent of Fcclubltd or any other third party, Engaging in potential suspicious or fraudulent activity or transaction, Refusing to confirm or provide your identity or any other information requested for any investigation, Providing misleading or false information, Using Fcclubltd services in a way that may result in disputes, complaints, fines, penalties or any other liability to Fcclubltd, our users, any third party or you, Distributing or disclosing user’s information for marketing purpose without the explicit consent of the user, Collecting unsolicited payments through Fcclubltd, Using the system in a manner which imposes unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure, Facilitating any virus, worm or Trojan horses or any other malware that is damaging and interfering to our system or data, Undertaking any action that might hamper the services that we receive from our payment processors, banks, internet provider or other suppliers,
Monitoring or copying our website using proxy, robot or manual process without prior written permission of Fcclubltd.

Explanation: copyright, trademark, patent or any other term used above are to be meant and construed in their usual, ordinary sense or definitions attached with them under relevant laws of Bangladesh.

B. Restricted trade and transactions:

When you buy or sell any product/service through Fcclubltd payment gateway make sure that you are not making any transaction involving:

– Ammunition, firearms, combat or tactical knife, weapons or related accessories, or
– Narcotics, drugs and tobacco products, or
– Antic or obscene items, or
– Stolen or counterfeit goods, or
– Sexually oriented material or services, or
– Items promoting violence, hate or racial intolerance, or
– Multi-level marketing program, or
– Off-shore banking, lottery or annuity, or
– Debt settlement service, credit transaction or insurance activities, or
– Offering or receiving payments for bribery or corruption, or
– Check cashing or currency exchange business, or
– Payment collection on behalf of a merchant, or
– Any other contraband goods or illegal items.
– Which is breaking the Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) guideline & policy including AML/CFT.

7. Generic Terms
7.1. Indemnification:
You agree to unconditionally indemnify Fcclubltd, our affiliates, employees, directors, agents and suppliers from any demand, claim, fine or other liability incurred by third party arising out of the breach of this agreement. The foregoing parties will not be liable for any lost profit or consequential damage arising out of unlawful use of Fcclubltd services. The mentioned parties will only be liable for the actual amount of direct damage if it is caused by Fcclubltd error.

7.2. Intellectual Property:
“Fcclubltd” and all other logos, custom graphics, trademarks and URL related to Fcclubltd services may not be copied or used without written consent of Fcclubltd. Any technology created or derived from Fcclubltd services are the exclusive property of Fcclubltd and its licensors.

7.3. Securing your Password:
You should maintain the security of your Fcclubltd merchant account by controlling and making sure that all IDs, passwords, PINs or other codes that you use for accessing Fcclubltd services are secured and not revealed to any other person.

7.4. Communication with you over Phone:
You agree to receive phone calls and messages from Fcclubltd including auto dialer and prerecorded messages regarding your use of Fcclubltd services or verification purpose. The phone number that you provide to Fcclubltd must be active and stay in your possession as we may request information for verification purposes by contacting you over the phone. Your voice and conversation with Fcclubltd over the phone may be recorded for resolving complaints, detecting fraud and ensuring security.

7.5. Tax:
It is your responsibility to determine the tax of your transactions in Fcclubltd and you should pay the taxes to appropriate authority at your own responsibility. Fcclubltd is not responsible for determining, collecting or reporting taxations arising from your transactions. Fcclubltd shall remain indemnified from any claim of tax, VAT or any other public charges applicable on any of your transaction.

7.6. Agreement Survival, Amendment and Termination:
If any section/provision of the agreement is rendered invalid, it will be changed or removed while the remaining sections/provision will stay valid. aamarPay Systems Limited holds the right of making any amendment/correction of any terms of services from time to time in future. These modified amendments will be effective just after being posted in the website.
Fcclubltd at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate this agreement or any of its service for any reason at any time by refunding all unrestricted funds in your Fcclubltd account.

7.7. Assignment of Rights:
You may not assign or transfer your rights and obligations that you have entered into by signing/agreeing with this agreement to anyone else without Fcclubltd written permission. Fcclubltd reserves the right to assign or transfer this agreement or any obligation or right under this agreement at any time.

7.8. Translation of this Agreement:
If you read any translated version of this agreement, it had been translated solely for your convenience of understanding the agreement. If any discrepancy arises between the translated agreement and this English agreement, the English version of the agreement will prevail and be enforced.

7.9. Instructions given by you on your account:
When you give any authenticated instruction (must be written over registered email) to be carried out on your account, Fcclubltd will carry out the instruction accordingly. Fcclubltd will not be liable for the consequences of the actions on those instructions as those were delivered by you.

7.10. Authorization:
When you add your bank account to Fcclubltd merchant account for carrying out transaction between your Fcclubltd account and bank account, you are authorizing Fcclubltd to debit or credit fund to and from your Fcclubltd account to Fcclubltd;s official account according to your instructions and terms of this agreement. You also authorize Fcclubltd to take necessary steps and request additional information and/or documents from you or your bank for verifying the credibility of your bank account.

8. Member’s Protection

Members can lodge their complaints of dispute by calling directly to call center, email, via & web, Fcclubltd official Facebook page, Facebook Messenger etc. Fcclubltd will initiate the action required for addressing the complaint within a reasonable timeframe of receiving it. Fcclubltd has been maintaining call center operation from 10 am to 7 pm for assisting its’ valued members and managing the complains accordingly

If the investigation of the complaint reveals that a member has filed a wrong allegation to gain other benefit or harass the opposite party, the monetary amount of the complaint will be realized from his/her Fcclubltd account along with other fines and penalties. Even it can also be suspended or permanently closed if found associated with such wrongful allegation. The Account holder will be notified before any of the above action is taken.

9. Buyer’s & Seller’s Protection

Fcclubltd is always obliged to follow the Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) guidelines & policies for PSO licensee along with the Commerce Ministry of Bangladesh. We maintain ESCROW policy according to the guideline. Buyers & sellers disputes are managed by the ‘Vokta Odhikar Shongrokkhon Odhidoptor’ authority.

10. Action for your liability to Fcclubltd

You are responsible for all claims, fees, fines or other liabilities incurred by Fcclubltd, third party or other user caused due to your breach of this agreement. You agree to reimburse the affected party for any liability caused due to your action.

10.1. Reimbursement of the liabilities:
The amount that you owe to Fcclubltd against any liability will be immediately removed from your Fcclubltd account balance. If you do not have enough balance, the existing balance of your account will be removed and you’ll need to reimburse the remaining amount to Fcclubltd by paying the money to Fcclubltd account within three working days.

10.2. Actions against Prohibited Activities:
If we have reason to believe that you have engaged any of the prohibited activity mentioned in section 7.1, we may take any or all of the following actions:
Suspend, close or limit your access to your Fcclubltd account or specific Fcclubltd service, or Obtain Tk. 10,000 or more for each prohibited transaction or activity that you perform in Fcclubltd Systems, or Refuse to provide Fcclubltd services to you at the time of detection of prohibited activity or anytime in future, or Place your funds or specific transactions on hold for suspicion of an illegal transaction, fraudulent activity, etc. In case of such action, you will receive a notice.

10.3. Holds or Reserves:
Fcclubltd may place hold or reserve on your account balance for security of our Fcclubltd System. We will provide notice for our action and you will have the opportunity for requesting restoration of your access if we deem appropriate.

10.4. Transaction Profile Consistency:
Fcclubltd will monitor activities and transactions in your profile and set privilege classes and status for your account. The privilege classes and account status will have preset Transaction Profile for each of them. Your daily and periodic transaction should be consistent with the Transaction Profile for your account class and status.

11. Dispute Settlement Guide

11.1. Inform Fcclubltd First:
In case any dispute arises between you and Fcclubltd , you will inform Fcclubltd immediately. We affirm that we will address your concern and provide you with a neutral and cost-effective means of settling the dispute quickly. You can inform us by:

Writing to Fcclubltd

Paradise Tower, Plot 11, Road 2, Sector 3 (level – 9), Uttara, Dhaka – 1230, Bangladesh. Sending email to info@fcclubltd.com or calling to +880 1712-302939 (10 AM – 7 PM)

If you send us the notification by calling to the mobile number, we may ask for written complaint, question or additional information required for processing

11.2. Arbitration:
In the event of controversy or claim, any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement, if not solved by mutual understanding, shall be settled by arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted by one or three arbitrators, who have at least ten years of experience in the particular field and also experienced as an arbitrator. The arbitration should be held in Bangladesh and the existing law of Bangladesh will be applicable in the arbitration.

11.3. Law and Jurisdiction of Dispute:
If either party is not satisfied by the dispute resolution through the arbitrator, the dispute and solution provided by the arbitrator can be extended to any court of Bangladesh after following the dispute settlement guideline of section 11.1 and 11.2. You agree to obey the instructions of the regulators which may be changed from time to time on Anti-Money Laundering Act-2012, Counter Terrorism Act-2009, Counter Terrorism Act (amended) -2012, Counter Terrorism Act (amended)-2013 and other such act/regulations which to be issued from time to time in future.

11.4. Litigation filed improperly:
All disputes and claims you have against Fcclubltd should be resolved in accordance with section 12 of this agreement. Any cases filed by breaching this agreement will be considered improper, and Fcclubltd reserves the right to recover fees and cost associated with the case and lawyer’s charge of minimum 10,000 Taka for improperly filed claims. You will be liable for the fees and charge if you fail to withdraw the claim promptly after receiving written notifications from Fcclubltd.

11.5. Insolvency:
Fcclubltd will be entitled to recover all associated cost according to this agreement even in case you are declared insolvent under the provision of any bankruptcy or insolvency law.

11.6. Communicating with you:
Fcclubltd will communicate with you through your primary mobile number and/or email address, which you should keep updated at all times. It will be considered that you have received the electronic communication after 24 hours of posting it on our website or to your email address. Postal mail will be considered received within 5 business days of sending the mail.

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